Projelerde Yaratıcı Süreç

Creative Process in Projects

Project management is a temporary process, which is written in accordance with specific objectives, where the starting and ending times are tried to reach sufficient coverage under specific, cost and time constraints. The project process involving uncertainty and risk needs resources (human, money, technical equipment, etc.) and financiers to which these resources will be provided.

Before Starting the Project;

Thinking about what to do,
We start research.
Sometimes you need to examine the details,
To reach those who are sometimes not seen,
Sometimes we get lost in uncertainty,
I’m not gonna do it.
When I say how should I do the project to see the fortune tır
Suddenly an idea occurs in our minds.
We found the way to the goal.
Now in a certain time,
Knowing the tools we will use,
To the extent our budget allows,
We can write the project.
Now we’ve found the way to the goal,
And without forgetting the teamwork,

All development activities such as feasibility studies, collaborative work with relevant companies, concept development, market analysis, financial analysis and projections, incentives, location determination and operation system should be carried out to develop a new project or make changes to the current project. For this reason, you will pay more attention to the project preparation stages, the importance of team work in organizations and to develop different projects in different organizations.